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Creating growth mindset and building relationships, through community partners, to create a strong, lasting quality of life.

What is KNOW(2)?

KNOW(2) was formed to address the challenges identified in the original 2009 Cherokee County Community Indicators study. Begun as a grassroots organization, KNOW(2) became an IRS approved 501c(3) charitable organization in 2015. KNOW(2) brings together individuals and organizations to promote a growth mindset regarding education, economic development, and public health. Progress in these three areas brings reciprocal improvements to our families and safer communities.


KNOW(2) Education

I KNOW I must be highly educated for economic success and high quality of life.
I KNOW education is achievable by me, my family, and my community.

Family & Youth (including Seniors)

I KNOW strong families are essential for economic success and high quality of life.
I KNOW we can be a community where no senior is left behind.

Economic Development

I KNOW good jobs are essential for economic suc- cess and high quality of life.
I KNOW our economy can prosper and grow.

Crime & Safety

I KNOW a safe environment is essential for eco- nomic success and high quality of life.
I KNOW an active partnership between citizens and public safety professionals is the foundation for a safe community.

Public Health

I KNOW a vibrant and healthy community is es- sential for economic success and high quality of life.
I KNOW I can adopt healthy choices to improve health outcomes in my life.


Our Mission Statement

The mission of KNOW(2) is to engage the people of Cherokee County in thoughtful dialogue and action that focuses our community’s mindset on a strong quality of life for all Cherokeeans.

Who leads KNOW(2)?

The organization is led by a 15-person board, 5 ex-officio members, an Executive Director and two other staff members.

Annually 300 – 400 volunteers help us carry out our mission statement.

What population do you serve?

We engage the entire population of Cherokee County.

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KNOW(2) Office