Our History

KNOW(2) was formed to address the challenges identified in the original 2009 Cherokee County Community Indicators study. Begun as a grassroots organization, KNOW(2) became an IRS approved 501c(3) charitable organization in 2015. KNOW(2) brings together individuals and organizations to promote a growth mindset regarding education, economic development, and public health. Progress in these three areas brings reciprocal improvements to our families and safer communities.

Our Leadership

The organization is led by a 15-person board, an Executive Director, and two other staff members.

Annually 300 – 400 volunteers help us carry out our mission statement.


Our Partnerships & Programs

Talk to Me

KNOW(2) is a founding partner of this early language and literacy project which focuses on teaching parents that “talk builds babies’ brains” and how to involve their families in the process. So far, 80 families have participated in the program and the results were astonishing by substantially increasing the spoken words with and from their children. This is monitored by use of recording devices and systematic reporting. The success in these areas addresses increasing concerns of child readiness for kindergarten. 

Eat Smart Move More Cherokee/Fit2gether

Through the efforts of this program, childhood obesity has shown a consistent decline. This program continues to gain national recognition (Robert Woods Johnson Foundation) for its success. 


This KNOW(2) business generator, now in its second year, has helped over 20 businesses establish, grow, and prosper in Cherokee County through the partnership with the City of Gaffney, as well as other partners.

Neighborhood Ambassadors

This program reaches a broad base of the community, mostly in low-income areas of risk. Through over 300 volunteers since its inception, this program mentors, tutors, provides transporation assistance to Adult Education programs and job fairs, and delivers food for students during the summer months. Our ambassadors build trusting relationships in the community, helping where needed and inspiring adults and children. 

Gold & Silver Sponsors 2018