Talk to Me


Did you know that KNOW(2) has an active partnership with Talk to Me Cherokee County? This organization supports families from the earliest stages of a child’s development and prepares the children of Cherokee County for success through language and literacy skill development.
Talk to Me stresses the importance of parents as the first and most important teachers in their children’s lives and that preparation for tomorrow’s workforce begins at birth.
KNOW(2) and Talk to Me Cherokee meet frequently to discuss strategies that will provide our students with the necessary tools and skills to succeed in life. One of these strategies has been utilizing the Lena Research Foundation word-count device to measure the amount of parent talk occurring within our families. The Lena Foundation has found that parent talk directly contributes to the healthy development of a young child’s brain.
  • Up to 15 families may participate in each group
  • After each meeting you will complete a LENA recording using a small talk pedometer that your child wears in a special vest or shirt
  • This program is free and includes a parent kit and books for your child to keep
  • Childcare if provided at each meeting free-of-charge if needed

LENA Start – Learn together how to improve your children’s early language!

For parents with children birth to age 3

Parents attend 13 one-hour small group sessions (one session per week for 13 weeks)

Our Vision is to provide every child with the tools and skills necessary to succeed in life.  Using current research on human brain development, we will help parents, caregivers, and communities identify strategies for laying a strong foundation for the future academic success for our children.